Kaye Playhouse – April 5th

Tickets off $10 at Kaye Playhouse on April 5th!

An Uproarious Combination of Classics and The Brand New
A Funny, Fast-Paced, Thrilling Show By This Award-Winning Company
Returns (by popular demand!)

Kaye Playhouse on Saturday, April 5 at 3PM

All tickets are just $10!
So Call the Box Office at 212-772-4448 or in person at the theater.

To thank everyone for being loyal fans for fifty-five years, The Paper Bag Players are returning to the Kaye Playhouse for a special performance of “THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS HICCUP HELP!” Every seat in the theater is only $10! This show for children ages 3 through 8 is perfect for both long-time and brand new fans! Come back and see your favorites or come for the first time for some unforgettable memories of your own!

“THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS HICCUP HELP!” is an hour of funny stories, zany characters, lively music, eye-popping sets and props made out of paper bags and boxes–with lots of opportunities for the audience to be a part of the fun! From breath-taking adventures to ridiculous mis-adventures, “HICCUP HELP!” explores the joys and challenges of relationships between children and their parents, grandparents, teachers, siblings, friends and pets. Ted, Kathy, Kaitlin, Kevin, and John, at the electric piano, are on hand to bring this “Bag-full” of theatrical magic to life.

This extra special performance of “THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS HICCUP HELP!” will be given at Kaye Playhouse, Hunter College 68th Street between Park and Lexington Avenue, NYC on Saturday, April 5 at 3PM.

Right when you enter the theater the fun begins—center stage is a 20’ Birthday Cake, blue icing, sprinkles, and candles—yum, yum! It’s a surprise party for Betty—and your invited. Shhhh! Here she comes. SURPRISE!! Surprises continue in the title piece. Kevin has a most extraordinary case of the hiccups. Doctor Kathy comes up with the perfect cure with a little help from a dancing dinosaur. In the musical number, Pizza, an ordinary pizza-delivery guy gets a chance to realize his dream of being in show business. Throwing caution and his grand-papa’s edict to the wind—the only business in this family is pizza business—Kevin sings and dances his way to stardom! The merriment continues non-stop in the classic That’s Good. Struggling student Kaitlin discovers not only the importance of being honest in school but also the importance of being courageous and being helpful and being a quick thinker. In A Day in the Jungle the audience joins Ted and Kevin on a musical safari that gets the audience good and ready for the heartwarming finale. Kaitlin’s puppy is lost! Join the company in their search and bring her puppy home!

“THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS HICCUP HELP!” was created and written by The Paper Bag Players: Ted Brackett (who also directs), Kathy D. Harrison, Kaitlin Stark, Kevin Richard Woodall, John Stone (who is also the composer), and Scenic Artist by Jon Peck.

The award-winning Paper Bag Players have been keeping it simple-and simply hilarious for fifty-five years. True to this theatrical tradition, “THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS HICCUP HELP!” is guaranteed to have children not only on the edge of their seats but laughing, singing, and dancing in the aisles and what better time to join in the fun when those seats are only $10 each!