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We’re Back!

The Paper Bag Players Are Back!

A New, Funny Show for Grades Pre-K through 3rd Grade

America’s longest-running theater for children, THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS, are back in person and are thrilled to present a fun-filled extravaganza, SING A SONG, DANCE A DANCE! Perfect for children in grades pre-k to 3, SING A SONG, DANCE A DANCE! is a raucous celebration of exciting new creations and classic sketches from the delightful imagination of The Paper Bag Players. You can bring your students on a Field Trip to a nearby theater, or bring us to your school for an in-school performance.

In-School Shows – 35 min (x2) or 55 min options

Due to the variety in Covid safety protocols and other changing considerations at each school, we have created a show that will be adaptable to the space you have available, whether it is a cafeteria, gym, or auditorium. We have a 35 minute and a 55 minute version of the show for in-school performances.

In-School Shows

Field Trips – 55 minutes


In “Slopposites Attract,” the fan favorite Bob the Slob now has a new friend in Vanessa No-Messa who is as perfectly neat as he is gloriously messy. “The Lonely Little Island” is tuneful tale about an island at sea who is overjoyed at the arrival of a cheerful boat who invites her to ride the waves. “Seasoning” is an evocative journey through the four seasons told through music, dance, and colorful costumes, culminating in a vivid splash of Spring. Classic sketches include “Pop-Pop-Popcorn” in which madcap drill sergeant Colonel Kernel leads his troops and the entire audience through the popping dance to become jumbo-sized popcorn. A lady with a big appetite orders the world’s most unlikely ingredients to create the silliest lunch in “Big Sandwich.” These stories and many more will have you up on your feet, laughing hard and ready to SING A SONG, DANCE A DANCE!

New material for THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS: SING A SONG, DANCE A DANCE! was created by director Kevin Richard Woodall and musical director John Stone, with classic sketches drawing from material created by founding artistic director Judith Martin and musical director Donald Ashwander. Costumes and sets by Jonathan Peck.

Study Guide

We also have a virtual field trip, Out and About and Together Again, that can be screened at school or at home if the children are learning remotely.

Virtual Field Trip